Brand Ambassador Terms and Conditions

  1. BR Commitments 
    1. BR must be supportive and encouraging toward the product. No negative or defamatory statements or representations are tolerated.
    2. BR must post at least 3 PHOTOS AND 1 VIDEO wearing/using Imagikids’s products to their public social media account, tagging Imagikids, in the photo/video as follows: 
      1. In Instagram, with @imagikids (using the tag photo feature) and using the hashtags found in the group. 
      2. All posts must disclose that the BR is compensated in some way for posting.
    3. The original, high-resolution photos must be shared with Imagikids, using One Drive.
    4. BR agrees that Imagikids, may use all photos posted in its marketing materials in perpetuity without further compensation other than what is outlined above. BR releases all rights to these photos for editing, etc. This includes all our marketing channels including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Walmart, Target,, etc. 
    5. BR agrees that all influencer training materials and other resources provided are the intellectual property of Imagikids and will not be shared or reproduced without permission.
    6. Exclusivity: BR shall refrain from promoting products of competitive companies including but not limited to Ruelily ("Competitors") beginning 1 week prior to the agreed term and ending 3 weeks after the agreed term. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing shall preclude Influencer from appearing in the entertainment, news or information portion of any radio, television, film, stage or other program or at an event regardless of sponsorship or production integration.
    7. Be an awesome BR, have fun, and be nice to the other BE’s and Reps!
  2. Imagikids, Commitments 
    1. Imagikids, will have awesome contests, which BRs are not required to participate in, but are encouraged to do so. 
    2. Imagikids, commits to send BR new products Imagikids, launches during the term. For newly invited BR, Imagikids will send them one new products. 
    3. Imagikids, commits to providing a personalized discount code for BR to promote.
      1. Brand Reps may also have a chance to earn commission off of purchases made using their code. 
      2. Imagikids, commits to providing some learning resources through the Facebook group such as tips for taking quality photographs, tips for optimizing their social media posts, etc.


Guidelines for BA’s who are representing licensed brands:


All content associated with you should be appropriate for children and should be family friendly. This includes your entire account and all social platforms, not only individual posts that will be associated with imagikids. During the approval process and throughout the ambassador relationship, your account as a whole will be assessed by our team.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Explicit language
  2. Use or mention of drugs
  3. Violence or abuse
  4. Mature themes or visuals
  5. Smoking and/or alcohol consumption
  6. Weapons


Avoid anything in your content that has the potential to bring negative comments or call negative attention to your content or to the imagkids brand. We understand that seemingly innocent things can spark outrage on the internet and will try to our utmost ability to be reasonable when approving or rejecting content.

Some things to avoid are:

  1. Anything that can pose a safety issue to a child (i.e. riding a bicycle without a helmet, lack of parental supervision, choking hazards around children below 3 years of age, etc.)
  2. Posting or sharing content that deal with controversial topics or an overly political agenda, or posting content with visible political symbols that can polarize your audience.
  3. Leaving derogatory comments unattended/unaddressed and/or allowing cyberbullying to happen under your posts.


Content should always be family-friendly, on brand, and authentic. Here are a few things to remember when creating content:


  1. Include positive messaging that encourages positivity, inclusivity, and self-esteem. We are focused on making children feel confident and empowered.
  2. Prioritize safety. Clothing should be appropriate for the child’s age to avoid any potential hazards, such as loose accessories or choking hazards.
  3. Dress appropriately. Any children featured in content should be dressed appropriately for their age. Featuring imagkids clothing should fit well and as intended - if you receive clothing that is too small or too large, it should be re-requested in a different size. Children should appear naturally and not overly mature for their age. Makeup should be minimal to none as appropriate for them.
  4. Incorporate fun and playful elements.
  5. Have appropriate settings and backgrounds that are visually pleasing.


  1. Have negative messaging that may promote negative body images, stereotypes, or bullying.
  2. Include anything that may pose a safety risk. For this reason, food should not be featured in content specifically created for imagikids. 
  3. Have inappropriate dress, such as overly revealing clothing on children or overly done makeup or hair. 
  4. Have settings that are too adult-oriented or unfamiliar to children.
  5. Include any item that is visibly of another brand or has a prominent logo, with especial attention to competing brands (i.e. a Marvel poster in the background when featuring a DC Comics outfit or shoes with a Nike logo).


Social media platforms have many regulations and community guidelines in place to ensure user safety, prevent abuse, and maintain a positive online environment. Please make sure you are familiar with the regulations on the platforms you use to prevent content being flagged or removed.

One common reason not addressed thus far is intellectual property infringement. Please make sure you are not sharing copyrighted material without proper authorization such as videos, images, or music.

Make sure music used…

  1. Is public domain music (not copyrighted)
  2. Does not have explicit lyrics
  3. Does not include lyrics that are inappropriate for children in language, themes, or context